For those of you who might want to know more it before giving TrueTyme a free try, here is a TTymely FAQ from the Better Tymes Project -- Developer Of Our Unique TrueTyme App For Phones, Tablets and SmartWatches:

  1. When is it time for TrueTyme's uniquely eye-catching "Abstract Realism" displays of time? By the way, as that curious mixture of a first term that is unfamiliar to most of our visitors (unless you are an artist) with a these days possible even more unfamiliar term (even if you are an artist), you might want to see our admittedly more intuitive than academic definition of "abstract realism timewise" here.
    Any time you are concerned about being separated from awareness of the passage of the day. Which is why, e.g., some experts concerned with lighting in work spaces and intensive-care units now refer to TrueTyme as "Daylighting In A Clock". (We love that, just as we also love it when some of our users even use TT's intriguing images as a way to break the ice in meetups and hookups like parties and bars. -)

    2) What is so cool and hot about TrueTyme?
    Our so-unique-it-is-patented latest examples of abstract realism in the art & science of time-keeping -- with their colorful unique displays of true time -- are fascinating conversation-openers, with lots of surprises. Including the unexpectedly intriguing daytiming and nighttiming answer to this not so trick question... Which of these statements is more often wrong? A) Politicians never lie; or B) The sun in the morning and the moon at night?

    Our TrueTyme users know that the answer is both. Because, while, alas, it is all too easy for everybody to remember that too many pols often lie to us, most of us tend to forget that the moon is up in the sky during a lot of each month's days. But not forgotten if you are using our app and widget. Plus, there is an important twist on that. Just as with politics, so too with time-keeping: What you do not know now very well, time-wise, can also come back years later to hurt you. E.g., the new science of chronobiology is more and more in the news these days with studies about circadian rhythm-related problems.

    3) What else might make's TT more than just a new kind of colorful conversation-starter?
    By helping to better experience true time, many users tell us that TrueTyme's abstract realism displays often result in increased feelings of well-being. And that makes a lot of sense. TrueTyme is very different from the usual time-keeping devices most people use, no matter how complicated or expensive they might be. At the end of the day, regular clocks and watches only present displays of man-made Time Zone times (as compared with TT's times based on sunrise time, which is the local time that once defined "the time" until just a hundred years ago! Plus, conventional timepieces add injury to insult even more so much of the year by also displaying even more unnatural Daylight Saving Time. It is now relatively well-known that going back and forth between corporate stand time and Daylight Saving time increases the statistics for heart attacks and automobile accidents.

    4) Non-religiously-speaking, yet perhaps spiritually as well as psychologically of value, how does TrueTyme help users become born again time-wise?
    TrueTyme has been reported to re-establish the sense of time that we are all born with and which we lose by doing things like working indoors and staying up too late at night. No joke. To see for your self how much you too have drifted from your own true time birthright, just try visualizing something very basic that did not need a very good imagination as recently as one hundred years ago. Try imagining the sun and moon doing the Lindy Hop, time-wise; i.e., try to mentally keep track of the passage of the sun in the day (and the night) as it is interacting with the passage of the moon, sometimes above and sometimes below the horizon!

    And notice how the twenty-four hours and fifty minutes it takes for the moon to journey around the earth -- as compared with the twenty-four hour journey of the sun -- quickly adds up so that you quickly lose track of where you are in each day and night's episode of each month's cosmic "dancing of the solar and lunar spheres" -- unless you are using the right kind of true time clock or watch. Then consider for just a moment the abstract realism of the portrayals of sun and moon as they are rising together at sunset on the night of the full moon vs. the sun and moon rising together at sunrise in the day of the new moon. E..g., as seen in the intriguing and compelling displays of pre-modern sun times and moon times found in the Medieval astrological clocks, such as the famous one in Prague,

    so artistically at one with the paradigm-changing spirit of post-modern Kandinsky circles.

    5) Does that make TT your kind of time?
    Not likely, unless you are artistically inclined like Alison, or were sent here by a friend who is. Yet your current view of our app and widget's displays of the passage of time as flowing and ebbing circles within a circle might soon transmute into something deeper, should you take to heart the fair-warning insights of experts like TED-million viewers champ, Carl Honore of the Slow Movement, Leslie Carol Botha of Holy Hormones Journal, and equally world-acclaimed Jeremy Rifkin, and many concerned chronobiologists. Because they all agree that it is time for time-keeping to again be operating in the service of everybody, more than just in the interests of global corporations serving up corporate standard time.

    For example. Dr. Rifkin puts it this way.
    "As society at large careens towards the high-speed culture of the twenty-first century, small pockets of protest have begun to appear... They would ask us to give up our preocupation with accelerating time and begin the process of reintegrating ourselves back into the periodicities that make up the many physiological time worlds of the earth organism."
    From his book, Time Wars

    6) So is TT for avant gardists and cultural creatives open to trying out a unique kind of Honore/Botha/Rifkin-like "time paradigm down-shifting" and/or those of you looking for a colorful and intriguing way to start a conversation, this site describes our newest version.
    You need to decide that for your yourself. All our Better Tymes Project can do is introduce you to TrueTyme here via this prize-winning GraphEdit Inc.-created preview, as taken from our try TrueTyme for a week for free (before perhaps moving up to TrueTyme Full Features Forever via our Google Play listing.

    By visiting both links, you get a better feel for how much TrueTyme really is a boldly unique new "timewhole", not some boring conventional timepiece device. You can easily try it for a week, so that you quickly get to know and fully enjoy a unification of post-post-modern, circles-within-circles artistry, as evoked in this Kandinsky watch now available at Gugenheim Museum gift shops.

    combined with the circles-within-circles below,

    the striking stylish result being based on both one of the most beautiful examples of math as art; as well as based on the re-awareness that time-keeping to the human parts of us is ultimately eternally circular. And all of that TrueTyme-ing being done in the service of profoundly displaying to your mind and your body the slow, but steady passage of local and organic, sun time and moon time.

    TrueTyme is rich with all kinds of features and functions. But it has gaps. E.g., does not seem to run on Apple phones, tablets and the Apple SmartWatch yet. Why?
    As our BetterTymes Project has very financial limited resources, we rely on the kindness of friends and strangers who eventually become our friends. So we greatly appreciate any help you and you friends might give us. E.g., helping us to get TT4Apple and/or TT4WEAR porting projects on KickStarter. Because several TT users have told us that we have a multi-dimensional variation of a very lovely passage-of-the-seasons calendar as a clock invention called The Present,
    which they think has paved the way for TT: first, by The Present being successfully funded through KS -- and now being deservedly found in the Museum Of Modern Art gift shop. So if you too think more people should know about and use true time our way, not just Scott's way, send some citizen scientists, mobile app programmer volunteers, and social media experts our way!

    Better Tyme's capabilities to make TrueTyme well-known are small potatoes as compared with the marketing expertise for niche clocks like Time.Is and The Present, let alone all the millions that are spent on high-end and low end watches and smartwatches. So how much success has TtueTyme had so far?
    Surprizingly a lot, if measured by endorsements. E.g., we are especially appreciative of the feedback we have about TrueTyme's "beauty more than face deep" essencials from TED super-star, Carl Honore, who considers TrueTyme's displays of natural time in accord with
    his In Praise of Slow movement, and from Leslie Carol Botha, publisher of Holy Hormones Journal. Furthermore, while we originally stressed the chronobiology aspects of TrueTyme (it really is a one-of-a-kind method of raising one's natural time consciousness, created to enhance everybody's mind-body sense of well-being). Furthermore, as a result of our discussing some recent feedback that we got from a new TT user and fellow artist, a long-time friend of our Better Tymes Project, developers of TrueTyme, the artist and sculptor John Sylvester Lynch (whose highest-priced works now hang along side a Picasso, and who occasionally makes high-end custom clock cases for his TrueTyme collectors) has begun to campaign that we more emphasize TT's eye-catching abstract realism nature. So this newest version of our site takes the first tiny steps in doing that. In the words of the dearly departed Mayor Koch of New York City, "How are we doing?" -)

    Just one more TT capability, if you do not mind. Because it can be an important one... 9)
    What is MoodTyme all about?
    In addition to its unique Mobius Strip-like application of Farey Sequence and Ford Circles in the service of pre and post-post-modern abstract realism time-keeping, TT also has equally unique MoodTyme tracking/analysis features, which enable its users to become exquisitely aware of how the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of their moods and behaviors are being influenced by the passage of daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal sun and moon time?

    Is there any special details about MoodTyme that new TrueTyme users on trial might want to know about?
    TrueTyme overflows with features: different clock faces; subliminal messaging in support of dieting; music for meditation while you are looking at TrueTyme in FastTyme mode; sending TTSelfies to your friends, and much more. Should you use TrueTyme's MoodTyme sun and moon journaling and its analysis of your moods and behaviors, revisit these power-user details from MoodTyme's designer, Catherine Darrow:

    "The idea behind our TT MoodTyme analysis screen is to let you compare your moods to natural cycles.

    * Perhaps you are happier in the morning (on sun time),

    * or perhaps you feel sillier depending on the phase of the moon.

    * The chart compares the journal entries you've made for a particular mood to the time cycle you select. Each square is a journal entry.

    * If you see a field of squares all over the screen, that cycle doesn't affect that mood.

    * If the squares are concentrated in one part of the chart or another, or make a diagonal line, that cycle IS correlated with that mood, a good thing to know about yourself! Bigger squares represent more journal entries

    * If you see big squares in one part of the screen and not others, that means you tended to feel a particular way at a particular part of that MoodTyme journal and analyzed circadian sun or circalunar moon cycle."